Digital Insights Report

BeOnTop offers businesses a unique opportunity to receive a competitive digital marketing insights report of their business and market. Utilising only the best digital research and analysis tools, our team will provide a comprehensive summary of your digital market.

Reports include deep-dive actionable insights and comprehensive competitive analysis of your industry. These insights provide valuable digital benchmarking data to assist with crucial digital marketing evaluations.

The objective of the reports is for businesses to understand their digital market, competitors, opportunities, audience and more. Use our digital intelligence reports to help with broader business decisions.

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What Do The Digital Insights Include?

Our digital marketing insights reports cover all digital data surrounding the competitive digital landscape of a business. Reports may include a comprehensive traffic & channel breakdown, competitive audience overlap, competitors’ digital share of voice etc. The competitive analysis provides a great digital benchmarking tool for businesses to see where they stand compared to their direct and indirect competition.

Is The Sourced Data Reputable?

The competitive intelligence obtained from the digital marketing analysis gives an insight into the trends of the selected industry. We use data from leading global industry data providers to ensure the most accurate and timely data is used. The information is popular with many prominent companies globally, including eBay, Amazon, Google, etc.

How Is The Marketing Insights Data Reported?

Reports contain a comprehensive summary of your digital market to see how your business fares to the competition. The reporting presents all businesses an opportunity to see their position within their industry with valuable digital benchmarking data.

Containing a wealth of market analysis data, the graphs and charts presented help tell a story of the selected industry. A detailed report of competitor data shows how far your business is away from dominating the industry or identifying threats that can increase the risk of losing market share.

Digital Market Analysis Report

The digital market analysis report is an example of the data that can be included. The example below shows the distribution of the monthly traffic share for up to 10 chosen competitors. The traffic trend helps show any seasonality in search volume or increases/decreases in traffic due to website or business changes.

Traffic Distribution Graph SimilarWeb

Digital Marketing Insights Are Vital For Success

A digital market insights report is comprehensive and built bespoke to your needs. The BeOnTop team will learn about your business, and understand the needs and questions presented that we can help answer. Our actionable insights provide a clear and concise summary with every graph, chart, table, or data point needed to ensure you are on top of your digital industry.

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Accurate and reliable digital market analysis is paramount for any business decision making and can help propel your business ahead of the competition. Contact us today to learn more about market analysis data reporting and how BeOnTop can help your business today.

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